Stop using dishwashing detergent, and use bar soap to wash your dishes!, 77°

Use bar soap and a dishcloth. Those fancy detergents really aren't necessary. Simply add soap to the dishcloth the same way that you would to a facewasher to clean your body (with the dishcloth in one hand, and the soap in the other), and wash those dishes!

For scrubbing pots and pans, the same works well, together with a dish scrubbing brush (I picked ours up at the local bargain basement for $2.99). Rub the bristles of the scrubbing brush against the bar of soap, and wash your dishes as normal.

For glassware when you wish to have an extra sparkle, you may choose to add a dessertspoon of white vinegar to the rinse water.

Change to bar soap, and stop those plastic containers going to landfill, or worse still, adding to that Garbage Island in the Pacific. And save money doing it!

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Hmmm do you not have Eco Friendly detergent-like products where you live? and are two main brands we have access to. Besides, soap uses a very different type of 'cleanser' than dishwashing liquids, which is nowhere near as good as removing grease. However, I will stop here as I am not well-versed in this area of science!

in August 2008

So your point is that the detergent soap is bad or the plastic bottles are bad?

garbage island video. The narrator swears too much.

in August 2008

even better

in August 2008

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in August 2008

That's a very interesting idea and not one i've come across before. i wonder what your experiences with this method are compared to the usual? any thoughts on specific soaps that are specifically for food and dishes dirt rather than hand dirt?


in October 2008

use Dr. BRONNER'S !!!

in November 2008

While bar soap is definitely better (eco-wise) than some detergents, there are plenty of natural biodegradable liquid detergents. There is nothing special about being in a bar.

in April 2009

Soaps are key components of most lubricating greases, which are usually emulsions of calcium soap or lithium soaps and mineral oil. These calcium- and lithium-based greases are widely used.
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in July 2013

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in July 2013

One thing I knew for certain is that dish-washing detergent isn't very strong. But I think it's because it's not designed to be used by hand. When it comes to cleaning up, I've never tried bar soap, I wonder how effective that could be. Interesting.

Uchenna @ Compuchenna

in November 2013

While I agree that most store-bought dish detergents are harmful, both to us and the environment, I came across another solution. Instead of using bar soap, why not make your own dish soap? I wish I could copy and paste the link for the recipe that I'm going to try but I'm not that good with my android phone. The recipe I found uses borax, Zote bar soap (melt or grate), washing soda and water. The same ingredients can be used to make your own laundry soap, which I've made (easy and fun). I just Googled "homemade natural laundry soap". I use old milk, detergent and other containers I have around to store it. The recipe I use is concentrated so you get a lot.

in January

I saw some really interesting video above, great job!

in January

Soap uses a very different type of 'cleanser' than dishwashing liquids, which is nowhere near as good as removing grease.I came across another solution. Instead of using bar soap, why not make your own dish soap?
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