Donate Rare Earth Magnet To High Schools, 11°

Stanford Magnets has been providing high performance rare earth magnets to various industrial and research areas for over 20 years. We also received a lot of requirements for magnets from schools and individuals who want to use these magnets for educational experiments, but we were not willing to do that. There are 2 main reasons that stop us from providing these magnets for free: Firstly, We are worried about possible safety issue caused by handling of magnets, as large magnets can be really dangerous. Secondly, it's not worthwhile to manufacture small amount of magnets.
After discussion with our manufacturing department and some of our friends in education area, we decided to start this Rare Earth Magnets for Education (REMFE) project. Each REMFE project will last for several months as we will require the schools to submit their demands, manufacture according to the demands we collected, provide training to schools, send out the magnets and collect feedback from the schools. We hope this project will make it easier for students to access expensive rare earth magnets and understand how magnets work for life.

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