Swap from liquid showel gel to bar soap, 711°

Bar soap is cheaper, friendlier on the environment and uses less packaging. You don't need to buy or package bar soap in a plastic container.

Instead of shower gel, switch back to bar soap and an old-fashioned facecloth!

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Too easy!

in July 2008

check out the company Pure and Natural. I read their information and had to buy the bars of soap

in August 2008

I prefer bar soap!

in August 2008

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in August 2008

Dr. Bronner's !!! Smells great too. I looked into making my own soap, but it seems kinda scary.

in August 2008

Earth Baby's "Oats and Goats", the best

in September 2008

In India we get herbal handmade soaps, made by village groups.

in October 2008

Swarnalatha B. says: In India we get herbal handmade soaps, made by village groups.

We can get those in New Zealand too, from Trade Aid (fair trade) stores. Helps the environment and the people!

I make my own soap. It's not really scary at all :) You can start with a soap-making kit until you get the hang of it, then start making your own with the basic ingredients. I love that I can put only fragrances I want in there - essential oils only!

in March 2009

Keep soap cakes dry to extend their life.
Don't leave them lying in a puddle or they get soggy.

in April 2009

This highlights the futility of it all, with 40 people all so willing to take the plunge and use bar soap, big deal. You all think every little bit counts, but most of the actions can be likened to taking a cup of water to the Victorian bush fires, or using a thimble to bail the Titanic, while our so called leaders are poring petrol on the flames or steering the ship towards deeper water and more ice burgs.
Until the criminals and con men 'at the top' start telling the truth and acting in a way that could be remotely considered helpful to future generations all our efforts are futile.
For example we have a 1-2 kilometer passing lane being built just out of Waikanae at the moment, how many plastic bags worth oil is being pumped into the environment just in the building of this new stretch of road?
When PEAK OIL may will see the end of private transport and our 'custom' of hauling a 1/4 ton of steel around every time we go shopping.
I look at this massive waste of energy and effort as an attack on us all, how many gardens could have been built on the Kapiti Coast with all this energy?
So yeah keep using the soap, they say cleanliness is close to godliness, so at least we will be clean when we meet our maker )
Sorry folks put passive resistance will not save the day.
As Doug Woolerton said in one of the most truthful replies I've ever had from a politician "We are not in good shape world wide are we" http://oilcrash.com/images/you_tube/woolertn.htm

in May 2009

We have used Soapnut since childhood for washing hair once a week.
Botanical Name: Sapindus Mukorossi
Common Names: Soapnut, Soap Nut, Soapberry, Soap Berry, Washnut, and Wash Nut.
Take handful, boil them in a glass of water. Crush them between fingers. Squeeze and extract the soapy juice. Use it as shampoo.
Your hair will be full, healthy, thick, clean and grow naturally. No side effects. No dandruff and no infestations. Only see that the juice does enter your eyes directly.

in September 2009

What are soap nuts?
Soap Nuts are not actually nuts at all, but berries (also known as soap berries).
They contain high concentrations of saponin, which acts as a natural soap when
it comes into contact with water.

in September 2009

Go to this link for more info on soap nuts


in September 2009

I use soapnuts too. We have plenty here where I live. They grow wild. I boil them in water just like Mohammadi does. But I boil alot and store the liquid in my fridge. I use to wash clothes, hair, etc.

in November 2010

I too agree to the statement that bars soaps are much cheaper than shower gels. But how many of you actually replace shower gel just to save the planet?. I don’t think because of the fact that people are much selfish when it comes to their personal interests.
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in July

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in July

When i too accept to your affirmation that will cafes cleansers tend to be very much less expensive when compared with bathtub pastes. Yet the number of associated 3d hologram projection with you will swap bathtub gel to save our planet?. When i don’t feel mainly because men and women tend to be very much egoistic when it comes to his or her personal hobbies.

in July

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in August

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in August

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in August

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in August

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in August

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last month

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last month

thank you! i gonna try it!
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