Don't use much paper, 569°

Use emails wherever possible - they aren't made from trees :)

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Save trees

in July 2008

About a year ago or so I made a big shift towards not using paper in the work place. We use tons of paper at my job and do recycle it, but I wanted to decrease the amount of new paper I used. So I made the effort to keep electronic stuff electronic and not print it off. I also teach online which is great. At this point I rarely use any paper for my job. I like living trees the best!

in July 2008

Hey Jayne
You are doing a fantastic job

in July 2008

Hey Vinod, Thank you. And cheers to you for all the environmental actions you're doing as well! Jayne

in July 2008

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in August 2008

Sometimes, people cannot avoid using paper. Actually, I need paper at work because it help me to visualize the information and support my thinking. However, It is so easy to use the back of printed paper as draft! Collect paper that can still be used and share them as drafts for people. Make them think about their actions :)

in September 2008

Francois: You don't need paper for visualizing/thinking

Use a whiteboard and a digital camera. That gives you a permanent record as well as something that you can easily share via email/web etc.

in April 2009

I use only e mail

in September 2009

with my sons school reports do thru out the year i use about 2 reams of paper a year during the summer i use bout 20 sheets of paper always printed on both sides if needed

in September 2009

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in April 2013

Don't use much paper, 569°
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