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Dr Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says that if there were one thing to do that would most affect climate change, it would be to stop eating meat.

Eating more vegetables is a step in the right direction!

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This is easy - I love veggies!

in June 2008

hehe - me too. Only heavy ones though - no time for frilly stuff!

in June 2008

Very easy - I'm a vegaholic! (And a chocoholic, but I don't suppose we get any points for that!)

in June 2008

As a lapsed vegetarian, I will foreswear meat for the Canada Day holiday. Cheers from Canada by the way!

in July 2008

I'm not quite at 100%. But I only have some chicken some 3 times a month. No other meat.

in July 2008

I wish I could get the rest of my family to eat less meat as well!

in July 2008

The farmer's markets in my area make it so much easier to get healthy veggies.

in July 2008

Farmers market every Saturday in Oakland. We're on the brink of veggie season!

in July 2008

Veggies are great ! Shame our country veg market closed down in the last year though.

in July 2008

I'm an athlete and protein is essential in my diet. Is there a way I can eat more veggies and cut back on meat, but get more protein and the nutrients I need?

in July 2008

I went vegetarian several months ago. It's been great! I'm excited that I can help the environment, animals, my health all with one simple action. :)

in July 2008

"I'm an athlete and protein is essential in my diet"

There are quite a few vegan athletes out there. Even raw food athletes.

Unfortunately most sports nutrition is based on conventional nutritional "information". You will need to search wider to find alternative information.

Have a look at the author is a 58 year old guy who only eats a raw vegan diet and is very active (long distance running, mountaineering etc).

My son is a raw vegan and plays competitive sport at a national level.

I have even met vegetarian weight lifters.

Still, even if you stay on a cooked meat/veg diet you can still shift further towards a vegetarian diet without going all the way. It does not have to be an all or nothing proposition.

in July 2008

I'v been following a mostly vegetarian diet for almost a year now and I've never felt better :-D

in July 2008

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in August 2008

eat more LOCAL veggies!

in November 2008

I will not stop eating meat, but I do eat lots more veggies than meat. I do garden and grow lots of our veggies, it's in the future works to grow some chickens (for eggs and meat) and maybe even some rabbits for meat and fur.


in January 2009

Yum Yum Vegetables! I'm a veg-head from way back so this is an easy one for me. One thing to remember is that different meat has different sustainability factors: for example intensively farmed meat compared to organic, pasture-reared meat.

And don't forget the dairy! Dairy farming can be just as climate-damaging as meat farming.

in March 2009

I once thought I would never be able to give up meat. It tasted too good, but honestly it isn't as difficult as people think it is. Just spice up the veggies. I've been vegetarian for three and half years and haven't had a problem. If I did it, anyone can do it.

in April 2009

I've always been a veggie lover. My grown sons are, too. I insisted when they were children that veggies & fruits wouldn't go away! In the last 10 years, I've gradually eaten more meat-free meals with legumes & tofu. As a dietitian, I encourage & educate would-be vegetarians.

in May 2009

OK, eating the veggies, started the vegetable garden, on the road to being a localvore. :)

in May 2009

Am a Veggie anyway and 'll keep doing it

in May 2009

Happy to say it's the time of year that they are super-fresh veggies grown 20 ft. from where I currently sit.

in June 2009

I try hard to stay with locally grown vegetables but it does get hard in winter when there's much less local variety.

in July 2009

Buying from local farmers @ farmer's markets or joinig a Community Supported Agriculture farm are some good ways I eat more veggies. I also have my own garden and love to share the produce with family and friends. My grandchildren love to help pick the veggies and cook them or eat them raw.

in July 2009

My family is not only eating more veggies, but growing them too! Catching rainwater for watering, using no pesticides or herbicides, just tender loving care. Growing some fruit too. I love knowing where the foods I eat come from, whats been done to them (or not) and it's awesome being ablt to go into the back yard and pick dinner! Better than choosing off a printed menu!

in July 2009

I've always been a veggie lover. My sons are, too. I insisted when they were children that veggies & fruits wouldn't go away! In the last 5 years

in August 2009

Wish i could get more fresh veggies.

in August 2009

Over the past couple years I have been increasing the amount of veggies and fruit I eat and reducing processed foods in general. Now, if I could just get my daughters to follow suit.

in August 2009

Done and Done. It's Vegetables are great in so many ways.

in August 2009

I'm growing them, so I am eating them. I like meat too much to give it up, but I am trying to keep to one meatless day a week, and putting more vegetables and less meat on the plates the other days.

in August 2009

Very hard to convince my mexican family to eat less meat !

in September 2009

Vegetables are extremely good for you and can contribute to healthy weight loss.,sias Best Diet Books

in September 2009

i always eat alot of vegetables and so so my kids i think as a parent it is so important to be a positive role model when it comes to eating foods.
teaching your kids from a young age to eat healthy will keep them healthy for life

in September 2009

I also love veggies!

in October 2009

Being a vegetarian all my life, living on vegetables is narueal and achievable. This has kept me active and alert even at 86. No imbalance in health and therefore no medication for last 40 years.

in October 2009

I figure eating veggies directly makes a lot more sense than feeding them all to animals and then eating them. No, I'm not a vegetarian, but I have a lot less red meat than I used to.

in November 2009

I'm a raw foodist and wellness educator...this is a no brainer for me and my hubby! :)

in November 2009

yeah vegetables... are great they usually help people in treating diseases.

in September 2010

After discovering that I had iron deficiency, my every meal is accompanied by a big of green salad. Never felt better.

in September 2010

I'm already doing this. It's easy.

in August 2011

I actually love veggies so this was easy..... :)

in August 2011

Thanks for using my photo and providing the required photo credit.

in September 2011

i'm a vegetarian so this is kinda easy, id recommend for anyone to try going veggy, its healthier and greener! :)

in October 2011

so good when you can grow them yourself as well

in December 2011

I really like vegetables so it is not a problem for me:)

in January 2012

I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian for about 5 years, and love it! With all the soy/seitan fake-meat products out there now, I think it's an easier transition than ever (though being a vegetarian also really forced me to expand my knowledge on vegetables and my culinary creativity in working with them).

I've considered going vegan for a while now, though I'm still too weak to forgo cheese (though I'm excited to see more cheeses using vegetable rennet appearing all the time).

in February 2012

I'm a 48 yr old man and seem to feel and have much better life and with a 13 yr old daughter and a 27 yr old son I want to be around to see my daughter at 27 as well and veggies I feel is the answer God's speed to all of you hope to hear back .

in February 2012

Many people I met in Burma set one day a week when they didn't eat meat (for spiritual rather ecological reasons). This could be a doable option for those who want to reduce their consumption a bit, on an ongoing basis.

in May 2012


A citizen gathering on the future of food and farming in Europe - in front of EU Parliament.

This summer, farmers, citizens and young people will bring their demands for the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) directly to the EU institutions. Starting out across Europe, participants will make their way to Brussels by bike, tractor or any other means.

Bring your demands for the future of food and farming directly to EU representatives in Brussels - take part in the Good Food March


in August 2012

Veg diet is so relaxing and provide so much stamina and energy. I really feel good now and more younger than before.

in October 2012

Veg diet is strongly good for health more importantly in Asia

in December 2012

My wife and I watched the documentary Vegucated, see it via netflix or learn more @,
And it really did change our life. We have reduced our meat/poultry intake and purchase more humanely when we do. We also have reduced the portion sizes of meat and increased our fruit and vegetable intake greatly.

in February 2013

I love veggies..

in April 2013

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in February

The whole point of CO2?

in June

I love green smoothie

in June

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