Educate yourself about the environment, 908°

There is so much information out there about the environment. The more we know, the more awareness we have to make environmentally beneficial decisions.

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Usually a more uplifting read than the news channels!

in August 2008

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in August 2008

Read Omnivore's Delimma, by Michael Pollan.

in August 2008

If you are reading the articles on this site, you are moving in the right direction.

in August 2008

This is a pledge for something to do for the rest of your life! Remember, it's good for your brain to keep it stimulated, as well as being good for the environment. And good for your social life because all your friends will know who to call when they have a question! (Just remember not to bore them... oops!)

in March 2009

Age 71, no car, lacto/ovo veggie/fish man. Get around Austin on Metro and Tx towns by Greyhound. Working on global diet, transport & land use using the 4 solar types: biomass, kinetic, PV and thermal. We must reduce Earth's volume of animal flesh. Would marry smart Austin woman in a Saltillo Semana Santa.

in July 2009

Get involved with council issues pertaining to wastewater management. Learn alongside those who are interested in researching alterantive uses instead of discharging to water.

in August 2009

this is always in a scouts mind

EAGLES scouts fly higher

in September 2009

Learning more everyday and sharing on my blog:

in November 2009

I recommend the audio book: Global Warming, Global Threat by Michael B. McElroy. Very easy to understand and comprehensive notes that come with it.

in September 2010

Pledged to be more aware about environmental issues since the start of the year! It's been a roller coaster of emotion. But I feel so accomplished everyday after I apply what I learn into my life. :)

in April 2011

Just wrote an editorial for two of the major newspapers in Virginia about what sea level rise portends for the future of Hampton Roads. Took me a while to put it together from numerous sources included at the end. Maybe it will get some traction. Economic losses to Virginia and Maryland will be huge, but I focused on Virginia. Goal is to get the state legislature to wake up, but they are very intransigent to the issue. Gov. McDonnell is among the worst.

in February 2012

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in December 2014

We also need to be aware about our environment and always keep looking for ways to save it. Thanks for sharing.

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