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If you're not in a room, why keep the light on? The less lights that are on, the less energy is being used. You don't need to light up an empty room!

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now training the kids to do this is a little harder... :)

in July 2008

Quite like the lights off when I'm in the room anyhow!

in July 2008

@Jason A.
I am technically the kid of my family and I do this myself, however teaching parents is SO much harder, they always think they are right! :(

in July 2008

My father followed me around the house during my childhood and teenage years reminding me to turn off the lights whenever I left the room. It drove me crazy then, but definitely trained me to always, always, always turn off lights when they are not in use.

Furthermore, make smart lighting choices. Spot lighting is not only great for ambiance, but also for the energy grid.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

First step should be to replace the "old" light bulbs.

A compact fluorescent light bulb consumes only a quarter of the electricity of a standard incandescent light bulb, and lasts approximately 8-15 times longer. A US article stated "A household that invested $90 in changing 30 fixtures to CFL's would save $440 to $1,500 over the five-year life of the bulbs, depending on your cost of electricity.

I've also used a couple of motion detector switches. These switches are a direct replacement for your existing light switch. They turn the lights on when you enter the room and off when there's been no motion for a couple of minutes. The kid's bedrooms and the bathrooms make got targets.

Here's a page that has lots of additional hints for saving electricity:


It talks about power vampires, and the biggest energy wasters in your house.

in August 2008

I am forever turning the lights off wherever I'm at! My family is slowly learning to turn the lights off when done in a room. Our day in age, people take lights for granted. When we had a huge storm that knocked out our power to 150,000 residents for 5 days, people learned to live without lights again. It was such a beautiful 5 days.

in August 2008

I believe it is all about education! But it is never too late to do something :) I think people need to get practical reward to take actions for the environment. I wish energy company would help motivating people to reduce their consumption by making them save money. Unfortunately, this money is their profit...

in September 2008

When you generate your own power, it makes you mindful of things like this.


in January 2009

OK. let's automate this... especially for those of us with kids. Anybody have any links to motion detector light switches, that turn off (but don't turn on) lights automatically?

in May 2009

Heres one I found:

honestly a bit pricy at first blush, anybody know of cheaper prices? Or perhaps a cost analysis / average savings with one of these things?

in May 2009

Bribery works. Whenever a kid was witnessed leaving a room and everything was turned off (TV, stereo etc and light) 20 cents went into the kitty. The kitty was theirs to spend on a family day out. Now they're older and the habit is ingrained.

in July 2009

I trained my kids early on, when people look at our house you will see only one or two lights on.

in October 2009

we took some light bulbs out. and shifted our lifestyle to make better use of daylight

in May 2010

Redvers, i completely agree with you that we must use energy efficiently. the very first place to start with is our home, we must not keep the lights or appliances switched on if they are not used.
Also fuel, water and resources must be used efficiently. The point is:xxxxx Stop Wasting xxxxx

in May 2010

i taught my bros and sis to turn off light during bright sunny day and whenever not in use.they are putting in action

in June 2010

...i usually do this... especially when i am alone..instead of watching TV,.. i usually read books.

in September 2010

Might be easier to change the bulbs to more efficient ones than keep remembering to turn the lights off... but as this link shows, we need to do both...


in October 2010

I will do it like you said and I will be back with reviews!

in February 2014

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in February 2014

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in May 2014

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