Don't use leather products, 61°

Leather is obtained by killing animals

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Save wildlife !!

in July 2008

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in August 2008

Petroleum products kill much more wildlife, and keep on killing. without any purpose. Plastics are forever. More pesticides are used on cotton than any other crop. Killing inconceivable numbers of insects.. the birds that feed on them.. and the microbes in the soil. Glass windows are responsible for millions of bird deaths a year. (the world without us, by alan weisman has some great statistics.)
When you start ranking creatures, you head towards trouble. If what you are wearing is made of synthetics, you are responsible for the exxon valdez oil spill... for the turtle and other sea mammals who will take it (or the nurdles it is made from) for food, and then die of hunger. If you are wearing cotton, there is similar death toll.

No matter what you do. Your life takes the life of others everyday.. plants, animals, fungus, bacteria... All we can do is honor those who make our lives possible. And I am thankful and respectful for all those who have empowered mine.
truly, -b

in August 2008

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