Grow more plants and trees, 458°

we should all plant trees at least once in our life...

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I am very lucky to plant trees as part of my profession, it's very rewarding.

in July 2008


I planted a black walnut tree this year. I plan to plant about 6 blueberry and hazelnut bushes as well in addition to the ten blueberry bushes I already have. Ok, not trees, but I'll get something to eat from them a lot sooner than the walnut tree.


in August 2008

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in August 2008

You all might want to be aware of Mokugift: Mokugift has partnered with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to make it easy for anyone concerned about climate change—even those lacking access to planting space—to take part in the Billion Tree Campaign.

Lots more information on how to get started here.

in August 2009

The depletion level of ozone layer is increasing day by day. The reasons for it are many. The major one being the deforestation activity by the manhood. People harm the trees and plants in order to establish their business enterprise. Therefore, in order to live on a friendly and healthy world, we need to plant trees and plants.
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in January

If we could observe, it takes many years for a tree to fully grow but it's easy to vanish. When you cut 1 tree then you must plant 10 trees as its equivalent. I always volunteer to plant trees in many organization. It's really my passion to help. -villas to rent thailand at Thanks :)

in June

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