Choose products with less packaging, 839°

Products now seem to be wrapped in so much packaging.

The sum of all the needless plastic used to package products and food in particular must be mind-boggling. If we make an effort to choose goods that use less packaging, maybe we can make a difference!

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This is a great idea - is there any way to force companies to use less though?

in June 2008

A little mindfulness, an easy action, a good example, viral progress.

in June 2008

I get a great satisfaction bellying up to the bulk fook section and filling my re-used plastic containers for the umpteenth time! It was pretty easy to reduce the amount of packaging on my products once I realized how stoooooopid it was to buyt triple-wrapped, safety-sealed containers of honey. Good grief!

in July 2008

We are turning into a plastic world! Boycott plastic bags and all other useless plastic items. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

in July 2008

I've been doing this for 20 years now, although it's only recently companies are taking any notice. If I like a product or company that uses too much packaging I usually get in touch to let them know this and that if they make a change that I'll go back to them.

in July 2008

As for plastic bags, these are ruining the beauty of some countries, such as Papua New Guinea - the cities and countryside are absolutely littered with them and wildlife are suffering because of the enormity of it.

in July 2008

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in August 2008

I undertake lifecycle assessment work for food and beverage products.....just finished a wine LCA and if you buy a NZ wine in the UK that has a heavy bottle (what we in the trade call grand burgundy) it is likely that the packaging of that wine will make up around 50% of the LCA carbon emissions.......incredible.

in July 2009

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