bee keeping in my garden, 27°

I want to have my own bee hive.

This will be same time a study, a hobby, a support for the bees, and not at least a help to have beautiful dark Australian Melbourne honey from the Eucalyptus trees around.

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in August 2008

This is a lovely idea! I have always enjoyed beekeeping (my first job while I was still at school was working for an apiarist). Keeping bees has a whole heap of benefits, to you and the nature around you!

Unfortunately I can't pledge to do this at the moment because I live in rental accommodation and it's not always easy to take bees when moving around. But one day I will! :D

in March 2009

How do you do this?

in March 2009

I like the way you are spreading these information here. It feels good when someone put so much efforts in doing some great stuff.
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Thank you

19 hours ago

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