Wash & Sort Your Recycling!, 1023°

Recycle everything you are able to, wash it well and sort into groups. Clean and green.

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in August 2008

A little nugget of information - If you recycle plastic bottles (number 1 or number 2), or most other plastic containers except maybe number 7, you may have to remove the lid, top, cork, screw top, or whatever for proper recycling. Alot of sorting places will remove the bottle from the stream if it has its top on because the top is usually a different type of plastic that is not easily recycled. Removing the top helps insure the container will be properly recycled. Metal screw tops and pop tops may be able to go with cans. I save corks for crafts projects. The plastic tops, well, mostly must be trashed. This sounds like a good product packaging project in the making!

in October 2008

check with your municipal recycling center which types of plastic they actuall recycle... here is only 1 thru 5...

in November 2008

In Brazil I know we separate the 4 elements paper, plastic, metal and glass. But in USA, where I live now, the collection of recyclables is all together. Why should I separate them here?

in October 2009

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in October 2009

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in October 2009

Thank you to my local council for bringing back kerbside recycling. So pumped for it to start 1 month to go :)

in July 2010

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in February

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in April

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in July

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in August

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in August

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in September

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in September

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in October

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in October

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