Keep my kids away from Strong Rare Earth Magnets, 11°

Image by Stanford Magnets

I believe you have already read the news that a kid Rushed to Surgery for Swallowing Rare-Earth Magnets. Rare earth magnets are so strong that, a small piece could have enough magnetic force. That also means the rare earth magnets we are using in our daily life are usually of small pieces. It's fairly easy for kid to swallow them, not say other potential risk to electronic stuffs, pinching finger and skin.

So keep all rare-earth magnets or small stuffs with strong magnets out of reach of kids. It's really dangerous.

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It's really important. Please help to spread it.

in December 2013

Sorry but Rare-Earth Magnets is just an example. Responsible parents should keep away all small pieces of stuff from their children especially the smaller ones. I wrote it on my blog

in November 2014

Excellent post! Those Rare earth magnets are so beautiful - and so rare - wrote it on my health blog

in December 2014

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