Slow Down, 378°

Reduce your driving speed when conditions allow. Air resistance is proportional to the square of your speed, so slowing from 100Km/h to 90Km/h reduces your car's air resistance by nearly 20%.

For our US colleagues, slowing from 65mph to 55mph reduces your air resistance by 28%.

Combine this with slower acceleration, less braking and better anticipation will reduce your fuel consumption by 10 - 15%.

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Great idea and such a no-brainer. Slow down people!!!

in July 2008

I like the idea of going slower, generally. If we are hurtling toward an imaginary finish line, it certainly doesn't look like there's much of a winner's trophy!

in July 2008

Actually air resistance is proportion to the **cube** of speed.

However, if you amortise that over distance travelled, the air resistance work per mile is **squared**.

In other words, going 100kph has 37% more wind resistance than going at 90km/h. However you are going faster so are spreading that over more miles. Thus the exta wind resistance energy per mile is 23%.

Going slower is also a lot safer because you get better reaction times. The energy in a moving vehicle is also proportional to the square of the speed. Therefore faster == more damage.

in July 2008

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in August 2008

do every thing slower!
slow food, walk, take your time, do less, relax

in September 2008

Now we know what progress can do, it's time we picked up the right lessons, and continue to 'hasten' slowly, somewhat like the proverbial tortoise. Perhaps that is its secret of contented longevity.

in October 2008

It's such and easy thing that can save you money, and lengthen the life of your vehicle

in January 2009

I must tell this to my dad... He drives as if he will run out of roads to drive...

in April 2009

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in September 2014

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