Write a leaflet about Peak Oil that won't scare or bore people, 26°

Tricky one this.

I'll be handing the leaflet out at a Green Bookfair in Ely Cathedral and need to find the correct balance with the leaflet. I'll post a draft here if any is interested or would like to comment.

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if it doesn't scare em, it won't have any effect. and if it bores em, they're already "peaked".

in July 2008

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in August 2008

I've spent the last 9-10 years doing this sort of thing, starting with walking around Wellington handing out 3,000 leaflets in one day, 500 at the railway station, thinking the passengers had a train trip to read 'my' leaflet, I went on to print and give away 10,000 copies in the end, this is the leaflet http://oilcrash.com/articles/running.htm it fits on 2 sides of an A4, with 5 copies each to every politician in the 2002 government, also I've given away 10 - 12,000 pirated DVDs and self funded many screenings, and my website ... totaling about $20,000.00 + I've sent at least 600 DVDs personal addressed to each politician in the last two Labour governments, including the opposition and the GREEN party ... just one example http://oilcrash.com/articles/you_tube.htm .
I also watched Darren Hughes watch this 6 min interview (on my lap top) .. they can never say they didn't know or weren't warned. But as 99% of the general public do not want to know, and are happy to be lied to the politicians can ignore this information ... for now. Basically politicians don't act they react, and that attitude is going to be too little too late.
More on who knows and when, this list in not complete but you will get the idea. http://oilcrash.com/articles/whatinfo.htm . Also all politicians and mayors of larger towns are getting a copy of this paper http://oilcrash.com/articles/wilson04.htm . I've done my best but have given up now.

in May 2009

Making is over-scary is pointless. Keep it factual.

People are getting numb to everything getting overhyped and it is no wonder that people shut down to yet another fear.

In the last 30-odd years we've survived the Peak Oil scare of the 1970s, at least 3 different flu scares, SARS, Y2K, various global food shortages, various global oil shortages, a few WW3 scares. Even if each one had just a 10% chance of happening then most of us should be dead by now.

Even if Peak Oil is real, we are talking, primarily about a limit to the ability to grow production which is a very different thing to oil running out.

The Peak Oil scare of 2007/2008 was just the result of an OPEC manipulation to limit supply to drive up prices. Peak Oil alarmists served these people's interests very well by creating alarm which helped to push up prices.

in May 2009

Back when I gave a dam and thought 'we' could save ourselves or at least save something for the children, I traveled from Wellington to Auckland to crash the Al Gore presentation ... I succeed in getting into the venue (touch and go) and even spoke to Tipper Gore, and 'blubbery lips' Bolger, who surprisingly seemed very informed about the limitations of biofuel.(he should have a chat with fat Gerry) I handed out 100 info packs containing a 20 page booklet and 4 DVDs with 16 documentaries covering most issues we face.
This has been highlighted on my site

I handed a 20 page booklet and 4 DVDs to 100 attendees at the Al Gore Climate Change presentation in Auckland New Zealand on 14th November 2006.
These are some of the recipients — Tipper Gore, Trevor Mallard, Dick Hubbard, Jim Bolger, Stephen Tindall, Rod Oram, Peter Dunn, Nick Smith, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Russell Norman, John Key, and Morgan Williams, to name a few. This was a $900.00 effort (transport costs included) to inform the people who can do something, but don’t hold your breath as the next day several of the audience to Al Gore’s Global Climate Change presentation were discussing the merits of a proposed stadium, to host the Rugby World Cup in 2011! Will the madness ever stop?
I subsequently posted a copy of the 20 page booklet and this web page to Anand Satyanand unlike the 100 recipients at the Al Gore meeting I actually received a reply. This showing that the Queens representative has more concern for her subjects than the peoples representative’s have for the people. — Robert Atack

in May 2009

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