Make and use a haybox cooker, 46°

A hay box cooker (Google will find) is basically a well insulated box in which you place a bot of boiling food. The insulation keeps the pot hot for hours and keeps cooking. Think crockpot without a power cord!

This has many advantages:
* Only needs energy to bring the pot to the boil, not to keep it hot.
* Food cannot burn dry. Set it up in the mornign and come home to a hot meal in the evening.
* Fantastic slow slow cooker for rice, stews, legumes, cheaper meat cuts etc. and other budget/enviro friendly meals.

If you want, I can provide a simple diagram.

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in August 2008

Yes, please give us a diagram! This is definately something I want to do, we cook on a wood stove and a small propane cooktop and oven. I would love to be able to start something on the stove, then put it in a haybox cooker and leave it the rest of the day.


in January 2009

Here are some brief instructions on making one.

Here is the pattern I designed for one that I made

Also Google for "wonderbox cooker" and you will find some interesting sites such as:

in February 2009

also known in some form as a solar oven

in September 2009

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in September 2012

it is real what you said, I have the same opinion!

in January

It is otherwise known as hotbox, which helps to preserve the heat in the food. It helps you to maintain the temperature in which the food has been prepared. It is very easy to prepare. I recommend every household to keep one of the same kind. It is easy to use at the same time less costly.

in February

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