Make and use a haybox cooker, 46°

A hay box cooker (Google will find) is basically a well insulated box in which you place a bot of boiling food. The insulation keeps the pot hot for hours and keeps cooking. Think crockpot without a power cord!

This has many advantages:
* Only needs energy to bring the pot to the boil, not to keep it hot.
* Food cannot burn dry. Set it up in the mornign and come home to a hot meal in the evening.
* Fantastic slow slow cooker for rice, stews, legumes, cheaper meat cuts etc. and other budget/enviro friendly meals.

If you want, I can provide a simple diagram.

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in August 2008

Yes, please give us a diagram! This is definately something I want to do, we cook on a wood stove and a small propane cooktop and oven. I would love to be able to start something on the stove, then put it in a haybox cooker and leave it the rest of the day.


in January 2009

Here are some brief instructions on making one.

Here is the pattern I designed for one that I made

Also Google for "wonderbox cooker" and you will find some interesting sites such as:

in February 2009

also known in some form as a solar oven

in September 2009

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