Design A Magnetic Water Conditioner, 11°

Image by Stanford Magnets

I am sure you have heard about hard water before, and also know that hard water is bad for our health. If you check the kettle for boiling water, you will see limescale which will affect the efficiency of energy. There are several solutions for water softening, especially to lower the calcium and magnesium in water.
1. The easiest way is just to boil the water, the calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide will be converted to calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate which is almost insoluble to water, so they will turn into limescale.
2. Ion exchange. This method is so expensive.
3. Add limescale inhibitor to water. The problem with this method is the water will not be suitable for daily use as the inhibitor contains many different kinds of chemical components.
4. Magnetic water conditioning. Magnet Field will change the property of ion. So they will not become limescale. It easy to use and install, as just to install some magnets beside the water pipe.

I will try this magnetic water conditioner and get back with some results.

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