Stop buying bottled water, juice and soft drink, 663°

Single-use plastic bottles have been identified as a common oceanic pollutant by the research vessel Alguita (see

Drink it once. Throw it away. That single-use bottle will be in existence for 500 years, maybe longer. Plastics break down eventually, but only into small pieces of plastic.

Take a stand, and buy a re-usable drinking bottle. Stop buying plastic-packaged soft drink, juice, water and energy drinks.

There's nothing healthy about a polluted planet with plastic-dumped seas.

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If you must, filter your own. eg: and fill your own bottles.

Much cheaper in the long run and very little environmental impact.

in July 2008

One of my favorite issues. I agree with Charles. See for more information. The best answer is to filter your home water and use your own bottles.

in July 2008

Water, and particularly the free access to it is a basic human right and must not be a political desaster! Already now everywhere it is by regulation and selling off this valuable asset to bulk prices in order to refill it to the beverage industry and others.

in July 2008

I love my Kleen Kanteen's - I have them in all sizes and, depending on the activity, use the appropriate one.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

Have my Brita in the fridge, so I have cold water. If I'm going for a hike or bike ride, I freeze the water in an resealable container that I can carry w/me. The water stays cold most of the day, and helps keep other food cold.

in September 2008

It takes 4 bottles of water to make the plastic for one water bottle. It costs 4,000 times more than tap water and 80% of water bottles never get recycled.

in September 2008

Yup, doing this too.


in January 2009

I take my Sigg everywhere I go!

in November 2009

Get a water bottle with a carbon filter built in. Fill it from the tap.

in November 2009

Access to safe water is a basic human right. You can't sell it in a bottle. There is a widespread misconception that bottled water is of better quality than tap water or ground water. It is not true, it is only a belief!

in February 2011

Don't buy it when it is healthier and more eco friendly to make it yourself.
Juicing is awesome, and drinking out of Mason Jars reduces our pollution.

Stop Filling Landfills!

in March 2013

I will follow your advice, thanks!

in December 2013

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in March 2014

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in July 2014

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in September 2014

Single-use plastic bottles are bad for the environment, they are bad for our health, they are bad for our world. Don't use them.

in September 2014

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