How to furnish your home for free on,

Your sofa's looking past its best and the dining table is, well, dated, but you can't afford to replace them with new ones. Don't panic. Shun the shops and head instead to your computer.

Freegive website offer good second-hand furniture and what's more, it's free. All you have to do is bring the van. Visit Freegive website at

How freegive group works:

1. You have a television or clothes or furniture or printer or toys you were going to throw out.
2. You join your local Freegive group.
3. You post an offer on your local Freegive group.
4. People respond to you if they are interested.
5. You pick a recipient and arrange for them to collect the item.
6. They take the item away.
7. You let your local freegive group know that the item is no longer available by posting an item TAKEN message to the group.

Note: If you need an item you can request one on your local freegive group in the same way by posting an item WANTED message to the group and if someone has what you're looking for they will contact you to offer it.

This is a great idea! Encouraging people to reuse and recycle things by giving them away and not sending them to the landfills.

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