Boat Ramp Lighting Project in MS, 11°

This project was made for the inauguration of a boat. The customer told us their plan for the ramp, location requirements, and expected brightness. we worked to find the best solution through a series of simulations. We provided lights with the appropriate wattage, height, light distribution, with an appealing design which were greatly above the expectation of the customer.Main challenge: to protect the lights from being flooded due to the high wind speed at the installation site.
Our solution: to install the battery on the top of the pole.
Lighting requirements for the project
Dusk to dawn lighting
Minimum 1.5fc on the entire area
Battery location has to be on the pole

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We had a similar problem with a ramp for boats in Ibiza, beacuse of the tide. We ended up using waterproof green battery-driven LED lights and it worked so good even when the waves were breaking and splashing righ next the the lights.

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