Don't use gasoline and cut down on harmful vehicle emissions, 107°

The Japanese have invented a car that runs on nothing but water. (See Reuters News Report, etc). It extracts hydrogen from water to propel the car. It will run for about an hour at 55 mph (80 km) per hour on only one liter of water. A very simply action that everyone can take, is to promote such technology as this where ever they can. Imagine every vehicle in the world running on nothing but water. We certainly have enough of that on this planet. And that would have an immediate effect on our environment for certain.

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About 30 years ago a New Zealander invented a car that ran on water. Around the same time another came up with one that ran on air. Neither invention was heard of again, and common speculation was that they'd been bought off by some major manufacturer. Perhaps now we know where one technology went.

in July 2008

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Please sign my petition "Stop Misleading Energy Pipedreams." Remind Congress that we don’t want to be misled into conclusions based on distracting statements that suggest that energy “independence” substitutes for real energy security.
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