Ride a bike instead of driving, 655°

Plenty of people use cars to make short trips when we can quite easily use a bike instead. Commuting to work (if you don't live too far away!) for example, is a great way to use less fuel and save money. Give it a go!

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Anyone have a good pair of styly but useful cycle pants they can recommend?

in June 2008

I live in a very hilly city. Can anyone recommend a really good electric bike?

in June 2008

Leanne, check out IZIP EZgo (http://www.currietech.com/). I saw them at the Alternative Car Expo last fall and they were pretty cool!

in June 2008

hi check out http://mig-cycles.co.nz/products/cruiser.html
These bikes can be kitted out with an electric drivetrain and are of real good quality made in germany.

in July 2008

most trips can be done by bicycle, especially any under 5 klm... ride to Public Transport for long trips, take your bike with you, get a fold up bike that fits in a abg if the transport operators have rules- get the rules changed and provision for bikes on transport for longer journeys-transport operators expand their reach when bicycle riders are enouraged to ride to their nodes instead of drive ( car parking spaces cost 10's of thousands, bike lockers are cheap, secure and save space... ride for life, ride to ride

in August 2008

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in August 2008

I've been doing this for the past 2 months - I live in a small town, I can get with my bikes anywhere I want within 10 minutes. I don't even bother starting the car unless I need to get out of town.
I hope this thing will become like smoking - 15 years ago, people smoked everywhere. Now, nobody even thinks about smoking in public places. Hope the same will happen here- nobody will even think about using there car for drives which are less then 10 minutes.

in September 2008

I'm privileged to live in Cambridge, UK where cycling is often easier than driving. One area of development - you can't currently take your bike on the bus. Any places round the world where this is possible? I'd like to approach my council/bus company with some examples of where it works really well.

in January 2009

Here in NZ some buses have racks.

in April 2009

Bike riding is not only healthy, but a great way to discover your local neighbourhood.

in September 2010

Please sign my petition "Stop Misleading Energy Pipedreams." Remind Congress that we don’t want to be misled into conclusions based on distracting statements that suggest that energy “independence” substitutes for real energy security.

Thanks, Maria

in May 2013

The main problem the whole world is facing is none other than the sound pollution and smoke pollution. So many factories and vehicles emit the poisonous gases, which in turn are inhaled by the common people. There are few things, which we can do in order to reduce the emission. Use a bike instead of driving a car.

in February

Faire du vélo au lieu de conduire, 655 °
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