Get the train rather than fly short-haul, 76°

In the UK, it's depressingly still more expensive to get the train than it is to fly, but it's worth doing, considering how much smaller your carbon footprint. And in the long-run, if enough people use the frailways, the government will meet the demand with more investment, meaning they'll get faster and cheaper.

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also, I've started a facebook group called 'trains not planes for short haul trips'. would love it if you'd join. x

in July 2008

Just got back from the coast of France on the train. As you say, still disappointingly expensive, but worthwhile, and less hassle than airports and all their heightened security these days.

in July 2008

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in August 2008

If there are more people realized how bad out pollution into the earth. I am believe there would be understand why we should only energy like electricity we need and not lavish it

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