Don't use the plastic bags , 994°

Just say NO !!

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in July 2008

Our company has to use plastic bags (to pick up the dog poop) but we only use biodegradalbe bags and when available, bags made out of food products.

in July 2008 is a new grass roots website dedicated to a New Zealand free from plastic carry bags. Around the world more and more countries are banning or taxing plastic bags and it is time for New Zealand to wake up and do the same.

This is about much more than fixing the problems directly caused by plastic bags, it is about increasing the capacity of our society to change. Because very significant change is what is required to face the twin threats of climate change and peak oil.

It is not a campaign to eliminate plastic bags, it is a campaign to convince people to consider the consequences of their choices and to make personal changes that help build a vibrant future for us all.

Utilizing cutting edge online collaboration tools we can work together more effectively than ever before, so feel free to drop by our campaign centre at and lend a hand. No matter how much time you can spare or what skills you can offer we would love to have you on board.

in July 2008

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in August 2008

I tell the clerk I'm allergic to plastic bags. It gives me quite a chuckle when they look at me funny.

in August 2008

Urban tumbleweed. I wait till the clerk has bagged my stuff and then tell them I dont want the bags. Maybe next time they will ask.

in September 2008

they are actually ILLEGAL where i live

in November 2008

Just switching your carrier bag is an easy start, but it is not enough to make you a smuyg grocery shopper yet.

Remember all the other plastic and other rubbish ***inside*** the bag too!

Unless you're buying most of your food from a coop or similar, the plastic carrier only represents a small part of the eco-footprint of the whole bag of groceries. The packaging and processing of the goods inside the carrier bag represent many times more damage than the bag itself.

Sure, get rid of plastic bags, but that's only a very tiny part of being a conscious consumer.

in February 2009

Check out, a solution to grocery plastic bags.

in August 2009

Nice solution can really help resolve the problem.

in October 2009

If you don’t like that approach, get yourself some recycled or biodegradable, compostable garbage bags.
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in November 2013

First I appreciate the author for taking the effort to share an article about the need to say no to plastic bags. We know that plastic never decays in the soil and thus it pollutes the environment, thereby leading the ozone layer to deplete.
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in January

why not? it is for sure an excellent strategy, I like it so much!

in January

I will try to do the same thing!
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in January

Ne pas utiliser les sacs en plastique, 994 °
replique montres

in March