Give up soft drinks, 702°

Think of the energy used to manufacture, bottle & transport soft drinks for no nutritional value.
What a waste!

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How about ginger ale? That helps get rid of my nausea, even more quickly than ginger tea or ginger snaps.

Otherwise, yeah, count me in. I loved soft drinks when I was a kid. When I worked night shift, I had about 3 or 4 liters per day of Coke or Pepesi. Now, my stomach is in bad shape, but has done so much better after cutting WAAAAAAYYYY back on caffeine and cutting out beef.

in July 2008

soft drinks (apart fro being C02 capsules) are sugar hits which stimulate insulin response in humans - basically a life shortening bilogical process. drink fresh water, leave out the additives, keep yourself and your kids free of chemicals which stimulate hyperactivity and its consequnses on human behaviour.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

I don't drink carbonated drinks. My only softdrink is homemade sun tea.

in September 2008

I don't like soda or really any other soft drink exept for nestea, which is now off my list of drinks.

in December 2008

No more sodas! Total empty calories, full of chemicals, bad bad bad stuff!


in January 2009

I'm lucky to have never liked carbonated drinks. I can't claim credit for this one - I simply don't like them. Do I still get the points that go with this action?!

in March 2009

I'm questioning if this really matters for an environmental perspective. Sure, from a health perspective, sugar isn't good for me, and even with alternative sweeteners, my teeth probably doesn't like the acidity... but I'm confident there are a thousand other things I eat/drink/do which are more of an environmental problem. I wonder if the benefit from cutting out soft drinks would be dwarfed by even a tiny change in your driving habits, etc.

in July 2009

Soft drinks are death in a container. I'm lucky in that I recognized this a long time ago. Diet soft drinks have been shown to deplete and short-circuit calcium deposition in the bones of young and adult women. Splenda (an artificial sweetener) is now showing up in municipal water supplies. Sweeteners aren't necessarily bad for you in moderation, but a single 12-oz. can of vanilla coke has 40 grams of sugar. That is a huge pile. Be they sweetened or diet they do nothing to maintain, or enhance good health.

in February 2012