The world bodies, like UN, WWF, Greenpeace are trying their best to save forests. But it isn’t just world bodies alone that can achieve the goal. It needs contribution from individuals like us.
Everyone wants to save forests. But often they lack the resource, direction and time.

So here is an idea that empowers everyone to do their bit without sacrificing too much.

Presenting Minus One- A simple-to-do, one step idea that aims at reducing paper consumption. 5 million hectares of forests cover vanishes every year just to meet our everyday need for paper.

A need we fulfill in a very careless and wasteful manner.

By doing something as simple as reducing the font size of a document by 1 before printing, we can reduce the paper consumption for printouts considerably, almost up to 50%.

And that means lesser number of trees need to go under the axe. Just few seconds of effort will add years to forests.

Do your bit. Reduce the font size by 1. Save paper. Help the forests.

For video, visit

For more info, visit www.minusoneproject.com

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