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We campaign as a grass roots organization to STOP the Abuse and Destruction of our Water. Water is essential for all living things on the planet, without it we will perish. Please become aware of the Industrial abuses taking place in Canada for the sake of economic prosperity. We would like the violation against Mother Earth to become Reduces and Eventually to STOP. We must allow the time for healing and rejuvenation of Mother Earth and water is life giving; Industries and corporations are using WATER as a Run - Off for Toxic Waste. Please become aware, support and end the rape and abuse of Mother Earth.

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You are right water is great gift of nature especially sweet drinking water, we have enough water but drinking water is decreasing by environmental changes and b pollution all water cycle is disturbed resulted in drought and flooding in some areas, which is really pathetic.

in September 2011

I already have been trying for survival of water by not misusing and wasting it, and also by creation of awareness among people about significance of water. 

in September 2011

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of the content here and am very grateful the you took the time to share it with the rest of the world.
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in August 2014

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in September 2014

thank you. very well

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