Carpool, 103°

Share a ride with co-workers or find complete strangers to share a ride with via the web. If you and a mate carpool together, and alternate who's car you take each day, both of you will HALVE (give or take) your fuel bill for that journey, plus the journey will be more enjoyable, and you can use the time to discuss environmental issues with your buddy / complete stranger.

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I carpool with my neighbour to choir rehearsal :-)

in June 2008

I normally get the bus or walk to and from work, but on the rare occasions when I drive I give my friend a lift home because she lives up a very big hill!!

in August 2008

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in August 2008

We've developed an online app designed to match drivers and passengers. It's called Jayride, and it will help you find regular carpools, or one-off rideshares around New Zealand. It's free to use! Hop onto

in February 2009

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