By Lauren Brombert

From detergent to bleach, glass cleaner to furniture polish, and disinfectants to stain removers, the majority of commercial cleaning products contain ingredients that are hazardous to your family’s health and to the environment. Want to protect your family and your pets from chemicals linked to respiratory problems, neurological disorders and cancer? One way is to to avoid buying conventional cleaning products by making your own. Here are some simple recipes which will not only keep your home “green” but save you money.

Clean Cleansers
It all starts with these five simple ingredients:

● Baking Soda
● Borax
● Castile Soap
● Vinegar
● Your favorite essential oil

1. All-Purpose Cleaner
¼ cup borax
1 gallon hot water

2. Scented Vinegar Spray (kills mildew)
1 teaspoon borax
1 tablespoon Castile soap
1/8 cup distilled vinegar
2 cups hot water
10 drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix ingredients and pour into 16-ounce spray bottle

3. Drain Cleaner
½ cup baking soda
1 cup distilled white vinegar

Add baking soda and vinegar to boiling water
Pour down drain
Cover for several minutes
Repeat until clog breaks up

These little steps in your daily life can add up to make a big difference. There are hundreds of small but powerful green actions you can take for a healthier, more eco-friendly life. Our mission at Going Green Today is to provide you with a personalized, easy-to-follow “Green Makeover.” All you have to do is answer a few questions and, in minutes, you get a free report outlining your green action plan.

Each action will “green” your family’s life, your planet AND your wallet, saving you up to a guaranteed $2000 each year. We’ll show you the way to “go green” step at a time.

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