Guide to a Green Nursery,

By Danielle Downs

When it comes to your infant, greener is safer. With so many chemicals in baby products, the best defense is a good offense. That means buying the right green choices from the start. To reduce exposure to potential toxins, remember that your baby is exposed to two environments that need protection: the immediate indoor environment and the world at large.

To get this done there are 2 strategies to follow
1. reduce indoor toxins by choosing non-toxic products
2. reduce global toxins and waste by buying less and buying used

KEEP IN MIND : Adult immune systems are able to fight off and eliminate certain toxins, but infants are still developing and especially sensitive. This is why it is important to check for hidden toxins. Follow this check list to have a safer, greener nursery!

1. Greener Paint

Choose a natural pain that is milk, soy, or plant based. These paints are labeled “Zero VOC” which means they have no volatile organic compounds.
No Lead Based Paint.

2. Greener Flooring

Wood and bamboo are natural choices for your green nursery floor. Make sure glues and sealants are zero or low VOC and non-toxic. Carpeting should be avoided as it often contains dangerous chemicals such as flame retardants and petrochemical stain repellents.

3. Greener Furniture

Avoid plywood and pressed board furniture which may contain toxic resins. Synthetic materials also may off gas and disrupt air quality. Well built natural wood furniture is the best choice. It is long-lasting and will withstand toddlerhood.

Consider buying real wood furniture second hand. It is easily updated with a coat of non-toxic milk paint.

4. Greener Bedding

Your infant will spent most of the day sleeping. Safe bedding is essential. Organic fabrics are now widely available in a variety of styles and colors to match any nursery theme.

5. Greener Hygiene

Soaps, diapers, powders, lotions, and wipes all come in direct contact with your infant’s skin. Read the label! If there is a warning, don’t risk it. Consider cloth diapering or making your own wipes. The cost savings is undeniable.

6. Greener Toys

Plastics leach BPA, phthalates, and more. Skip plastic toys or search for corn-based plastics. Organic cloth and wood toys are widely available as well as toys made from recycled materials.

7. Greener Feeding

Making your own baby food is easy and cost effective. Search for baby dishes and spoons that are made from safe materials such as natural rubber or silicone. Store baby food in glass jar or other non-leaching container.

Have questions about other baby items on your registry? Look for organic labels and read the product safety information.

For more ways to green your nursery and keep your infant and the planet protected, take the EcoQuiz at Going Green Today! You’ll get plenty of helpful tips to save you money and save CO2. You can even get a personalized eco-plan that is tailored to your green family’s needs.

Click here for your free assessment:

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