Use a Travel Mug for Coffee, 593°

Celebrate your environment and your morning coffee by taking your own mug.

One disposable cup a day makes a big difference over the year. And if you're a real addict (like me) it's usually more than one cup a day.

It's easy to get in the habit and it saves your local bariasta money as well :)

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There are several cafes in my city that give me discounts for bringing my own cup. And everyone showers me with compliments!

in July 2008

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in August 2008

I love it how this is growing so fast. The local cafe serves coffee in just about anything now! All manner of cups and mugs are turning up and the baristas just don't mind because they realise it's important to the customer.

in September 2008

it makes a lot of sense to bring your own cup. i reckon the Brugo cup is a very good solution, it allows your tea or coffee to stay at good drinking temperature for a long time.

in October 2008

... or don't buy takeaway coffee... am I cheating by signing up to this one?!

in March 2009

I actually use a Mason Jar, and I have an EcoJarz Lid for it too. These are so cool.

But join me in using Mason Jars more to reduce our pollution, and stop filling landfills.

in March 2013

maybe I should do the same thing and for sure I will have amazing results!

in January

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in January

I will use it, too! I think that it will be quite simple to do it!

in February

This will work for sure for our needs, I will try it!

in February

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