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Reducing your carbon footprint is a click away!!
Yes.. there is a fairly simple way to do that, by installing Billionwatt Power Manager; a simple but effective computer power management system.
Annually, a single person who uses a computer has the following impact:
Desktop: ~ 1000 units of electricity consumption -> ~900 kilos of CO2 emissions
Laptop: ~300 units of electricity consumption -> ~270 kilos of CO2 emissions

By installing BillionWatt Power Manager, he/she can realize:
Desktop: ~250 units of electricity savings -> ~225 kilos of potential CO2 emissions reduction
Laptop: ~150 units of electricity savings -> ~135 kilos of potential CO2 emissions reduction
That is like planting 13 to 22 trees!! (1 tree can absorb ~10kg of CO2 in 1 year)
And what’s more?
It provides a very convenient; one-click internet search facility.This facility will take care of launching the browser and the search engine of your choice for you. All you have to do is type the search term, and see the results!!
So, visit, install the software, and show the world that you care about the environment
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Om Prakash

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pretty cool software, gives information on the amount of savings you have achieved, and a very cool internet search-bar!

in February 2011

The software also gives information like:
the duration for which the system was put into a low power mode
the corresponding savings in energy and electricity
the corresponding reduction in potential CO2 emissions

just felt like mentioning it explicitly

in February 2011

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