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Ocean Farming of seaweed for poverty alleviation, carbon sequestration

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Hi, I'm Jose Sembrano, Presently, I'm coaching the Seaweed Industry Association of the Philippines make its first marketing plan. Seaweed industry provides employment to thousands of people in depressed communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pacific Island nations and African countries like Madagascar. Aside from providing employment and food, seaweed farming also help in sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere and therefore helps in reducing CO2 level. These are just a few benefits of seaweed.

in December 2010

@ Jose Sembrano,
I am varun from New Delhi, India.
Can you please guide me more about Seaweed Plantation so that I can replicate it in India...
Kindly also share with me other methods to reduce and absorb co2.
my mail id is

in August 2011

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