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Raising livestock uses valuable land and water, and emissions from cattle may be responsible for a huge 16% of greenhouse gases! Since most beef is now from grain-fed cows, rising meat consumption has contributed significantly to the current food crisis.

You can go veggie if you like, or you can just eat less meat, and save it for Sundays or special occasions.

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I think the importance of lower meat diets saving CO2 emissions needs to be emphasised. A recent widely reported study that did a comprehensive audit of the greenhouse gas emissions of our meals found that while becoming a localvore and reducing food miles did reduce carbon emissions, the CO2 saving was tiny when compared with the CO2 saving from cutting down on meat.

in July 2008

One can lower meat consumption by preparing dishes like stirfrys, soups and other casseroles where the amount of meat required is much less than a meal of meat and three veg.

in July 2008

That's a great idea Patricia. We actually make 500g of mince stretch to 6 adult servings in a shepherd's pie by adding lots of veges (carrot, swede and peas) and an extra large topping of mashed kumara (sweet potato for all you non-kiwis) or pumpkin.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

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in September 2008

I was a big meat eater until I met my wife. She has been vegetarian for about 25 years and both our kids are vegetarian. I still eat some meat and fish, but far, far less than I did.

It takes approx 15 food units of input food to make 1 food unit of meat. That means 15 times as much land needs to be cleared to generate food - significant when you consider that most of the Amazonian rain forest clearing is to produce stock food sold on the international market.

The average American needs about an acre of land under grain and soy production to raise the meat that they will eat.

Every hamburger you eat per year is the equivalent of clearing about 50 sq ft of rain forest. Eating 2 per week? You're chopping down 5000 sq ft of rain forest. Well done!

in May 2009

I did one week as a full vegetarian for earth day. It was easy, so I'm expanding it now, going to try to keep the meat down too a couple of times a week.

in May 2009

I eat almost no meat at all. Some wild caught, un-endangered species of fish and veggies are my diet. Low on dairy also.

in May 2009

If anyone is interested there has been a film called "Meat the Truth" based on some Dutch research on the contribution to GHG's by livestock. The methan emissions are actually higher than previously thought.

in May 2010

yea because meat has a strong cholesterol content, that is bad to our health,.. and it is also expensive so, i eat meat but often..

in September 2010

I just cant eat meat!!! I didnt intent to be a vegetarian. I just cant eat meat!!!

in November 2010

I am a vegetarian. I would recommend people to have vegetarian diet once in a week.

in August 2011

I do not eat meat.

in May 2012

I watched Vegucated, didn't turn Vegan but have greatly reduced our household meat intake!

in February 2013

I am a vegan. I would propose individuals to have veggie lover eat less once in a week. pinterest followers

in July 2014

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