Shower quickly, 893°

Shower quickly to use less water and less energy! Just think about how much water is wasted and how much energy is used to recycle water that's already clean...

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Does showering with the kids count?

in June 2008

We have some good water-saving showerheads for anyone interested at

in July 2008

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in August 2008

This is a great tip. I don't dillydally in the shower and I turn off the water while I'm shaving my legs.

in August 2008

Ex Special Forces. Didn't shower while in Bosnia for 9 months. I shower now though, but keep it down to less than 1 minute.

in September 2008

After spending the week scrubbing quickly to keep it down to a minimum, I allow myself a special treat at the weekend of a slightly longer shower. Some people luxuriate in a bath, I spoil myself with an extra three minutes in the shower!

Simple pleasures people.

in September 2008

It's great to turn off the water while lathering up long hair too. Or if it's too cold in my bathroom I turn the water to a trickle on my shoulders/back just to stay warm as I wash my hair.

in April 2009

Usually I do it because I'm running late...but I like to think I'm saving water and energy by doing it! I also don't have very hot showers...mostly lukewarm

in July 2009

Heat up the water by the bathroom tap rather than wasting all that cold water down the drain before it is heating enough for you

in July 2010

I recommend the audio book: Global Warming, Global Threat by Michael B. McElroy. Very easy to understand and comprehensive notes that come with it.

in September 2010

Oops, the comment above was meant to be for "Educate yourself about the environment" My bad.

in September 2010

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in September 2014

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in December 2014

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in February

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