Convert Diesel Garbage Trucks to CNG, LNG and Hydrogen Fuels, 11°

In the United States approximately 175,000 refuse trucks operate and burn approximately 1.2 billion gallons of diesel fuel a year, releasing almost 27 billion pounds of the greenhouse gas, CO2. Every gallon of diesel fuel burnt emits more than 22 pounds of CO2. In addition to contributing to global climate change, diesel-fueled trash trucks are one of the most concentrated sources of health-threatening air pollution in virtually all cities.

Converting these trucks from diesel, that literally travel down every street in every community, to CNG or LNG, would be a huge step to improving our air quality thrugh reduced emissions. CNG is natural gas that has been compressed into a high-pressure container for transportation. Since the 1960s, CNG has become a vehicle fuel alternative to oil-based gasoline and diesel fuel. The International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles estimates that more than one million vehicles worldwide operate on CNG.
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We all know that the use of non renewable energy sources are getting on a hike day by day. Without knowing the side effects of using them to the core, people have started depending on them. Instead of using petrol or diesel. Vehicle owners can use natural gases and several other CNGs as alternatives.

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