Cut down electricity consumption , 578°

- turn off unused lights & appliances at home and work.
- if you need your computer on at work/home, at least turn off the monitors and lower the sleep timer.

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Laptops are also generally a lot more efficient than desktops, so if you have a choice and are considering a new computer, consider this.

In some countries (e.g. Australia) you can claim laptops on tax, but not desk tops. Check out the situation in your own country.

in June 2008

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Find and remove your power vampires. Use a power bar to plugin your computer, modem, printer, etc. When done, turn everything off, then turn off the power bar. Same for your TV, stereo, etc.

Try some of these other ideas:

Includes info on: lights, a link to the power usage for ALL fridges, air conditioner tips, etc.

in August 2008

Being off grid, we make our own power, so it only makes sense to turn off the things that aren't being used. We have power strips that have on/off switches on them, it's easy to turn off the switch, most electrical items, even if they are turned off, consume power, especially if the plug has a transformer (that big bulky block on the plug) those use power even if they aren't plugged into the appliance! So unplug or use the switch on the power strip to cut off the power.


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