Plan your trips in advance to avoid unnecessary driving, 458°

Takes a little bit of effort to plan your trips in advance, but ultimately helps to save time and money on petrol / gas too!

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We've decided to:
- start keeping a fuel and trip log book in the car
- buy fuel once a week, and only spend a set amount, rather than just filling up whenever we are low. This helps us to keep tabs on how much we are using, and stick to a fuel budget.
- we also use public transport where possible, and walk when we can. The exercise is welcome, and we just read books on PT, taking the extra travelling time as rest time.

in June 2008

We're a half-hour drive to town. We wait and do everything at once so that we don't have to go very often. The number of trips is further reduced by our growing some food and being part of an CSA.

in July 2008

Keep your tires air pressure in check!

You can safely run the front tires @ 35-38 psi, and the rear tires @ 32-35 psi on your daily driver vehicle. This is slightly more than the sticker on the door jamb / glove box recommends, but you will not be hurting anything by doing so. Only the ride comfort will suffer a little. The tires rolling resistance will be reduced, thus, you will save fuel. Also, use a good quality, low viscosity grade oil in the engine. The newer low viscosisty oils take less power to pump through the engine, thus saving fuel. Have the wheel alignment checked at least twice a year. Again, less rolling resistence saves fuel, and you also save on tire wear. Keep those filters changed too. If everybody kept their vehicles maintained on a regular basis, there's really no telling how much fuel and/or crude oil we would all be saving.

in July 2008

If you're using a GPS navigation system, don't always follow it blindly, because sometimes it takes you the long way around!

in August 2008

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in August 2008

We have to do this, the nearest town in at least an hour away, we try to find someone else who is going in to town to carpool with.


in January 2009

public trans our taxes are paying for it so why not use it

in September 2009