Plan your trips in advance to avoid unnecessary driving, 261°

Takes a little bit of effort to plan your trips in advance, but ultimately helps to save time and money on petrol / gas too!

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We're a half-hour drive to town. We wait and do everything at once so that we don't have to go very often. The number of trips is further reduced by our growing some food and being part of an CSA.

in July 2008

If you're using a GPS navigation system, don't always follow it blindly, because sometimes it takes you the long way around!

in August 2008

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in August 2008

We have to do this, the nearest town in at least an hour away, we try to find someone else who is going in to town to carpool with.


in January 2009

Yes it's true, You need to make a complete plan, thereby to avoid unnecessary driving and also time and fuel saving.
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in October 2015