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Composters and compost piles often become places of ill-repute, where food wastes rot instead of decompose, and insects hang out in dark alleys... You get the picture. If taking out the compost has become a nasty task no-one likes doing, grab that spade or sharp point object and aerate it! Then add 7 or 8 shovels of dry soil, leaves, or other "brown matter", to help kickstart the decomposing process again.

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Good one, Randyn! Will give it a go down here in NZ.

in June 2008

We just moved into a house with 4 full size compost bins. I was giddy (seriously) when I discovered them and have since started to get them stewing again.

I'm really glad to see this post and encouraged to keep after it. Nothing beats home-grown soil!

in June 2008

Our Village has a shared composting program we participate in.

in July 2008

I live very near to a coffee shop and as an experiment I decided to try to take all their grounds and vegetable peels. To my surprise the compost pile (3'x3'x6') hasn't been overwhelmed.

This is admittedly a bigger pile than most but it has kept up all spring and summer. The idea was to see just how much space a commercial outlet would need to compost themselves on or near site.

Given that I put hedge clippings etc in the bin with the coffee I think that a coffee shop could get away with a smaller bin. Possibly the bin will be overwhelmed in the winter when composting slows down. We'll see! The staff at the shop have kind of gotten into this experiment and I get some free coffees too!

in August 2008

Nettles, comfrey and uringe are excellent activators as well, and collecting nettles is so exciting!

in August 2008

Virtually all our organic waste goes into the compost pile. Leaves, egg shells, any uncooked vegetable waste goes in there. I have a pile for last year and one for this year, the last year pile will go into the garden beds each fall.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

Add a shovel of finished compost to your new pile. The finished compost has all the right microbes to get things going.

in January 2009

We use a worm bin for all our food scraps - I've come to love those little wrigglers!

in March 2009

Pee on it. Urine is a great kick start. If you have sons they'll volunteer in to time!

in April 2009

I don't know what kind of bacteria it is, but the local organic farm in Subang Jaya malaysia, gives out plastic bins and some bacteria. You throw your organics in the bin after putting in the bacteria and you keep it airtight and the bacteria compost the stuff, takes about 3 months after it is completely full to turn it all into compost. Works great!

in May 2009

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