Encourage rational discussion about global warming, 439°

Global warming alarmists often become strident and make absurd claims about the effects of global warming. They call critics of the anthropogenic global warming theory "deniers" and assert that they're in the pay of oil companies.

By accepting this action, you'll avoid out-of-hand dismissal and knee-jerk intimidation. You'll also hold the alarmists feet to the fire of science and dismiss their outlandish claims as unsupported.

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Any rational discussion about Global warming must include the recent science. The recent science is alarming. I agree we must approach this topic with care but we should not sugar coat it either.

in August 2008

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in August 2008

There are lots of articles linked to qualified research. A number of the articles and comments located on this page, link back to high profile sources such as NASA.


The celsias site also has several very good articles. Study your subject, become informed and then inform others.

in August 2008

Environmental knowledge and discussion


in September 2008

here is a VERY valuable resource on talking to a climate skeptic:


in November 2008

It's what we're also hoping to encourage: http://www.ourworld.unu.edu

in February 2009

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