"Sun For Life" project envisages illuminating 1000 households of the poor with solar energy in remote regions where grid power is unavailable ,

The Sun For Life Project has two clearly spelled goals one of providing basic solar power to the poor to enable to gain knowledge and learn skills through distant learning and two to reduce dependency on dirty coal or dangerous nuclear power. It is a community based programme estimated to cost Pound Sterling 40,000. Support incentives would be extended to the most deserving poor from the lowest level in rural settlements to have ouwer in their homes. Providing basic illumination in areas not having any power would enable the lowliest to gain knowledge and learn skills, now denied to the shunned and the shunted. This will give them opportunities to come out of the wretched life they are passing through at present. Reduction of poverty and improvement in their life This project is aimed at improving the quality of life for the poor.
"Save Bombay Committee" (SBC), the sponsors, is a public trust opeating since 1973. We depend on public donations for conducting such activities.
We have received donations of around Pounds 3,000 uptil now. Donations will be publicly acknowleged, fully accounted and properly audited. Audired Accounts for the April 20008 March 2009 are available for inspection.

SBC activities are conducted by individuals devoted to public service over years. They are all volunteers to the cause not receiving any remuneration. Overheads in the SBC operations are minimal. Look forward to receiving public support from philanthroists and public trusts.

Please contact Mr Kisan Mehta President Cell: 00919223448857, Email: kisansbc@gmail.com for any further information and for sending donations.

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