Quit Smoking, 259°

The world not an objective whole, seperate from ourselves, so what we do to ourselves, like smoking, is not only bad for our lungs but for the world. You are the world, so take care of your world first, and the ripple effect will be tremendous. I commit to quit smoking because I think it can help combat global warming.

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in August 2008

quit April 12, 2003. It's was hard, but it's been great! I can now climb mountians!

in September 2008

Of course there's that old cliché that's so true...

in March 2009

I've never felt the urge to smoke and never have, but I understand it's quite a challenge to kick the habit.

Good on you all for giving it a go! I wish you all strength.

in April 2009

Done it! Just over a year smoke free!

in July 2009

Yep, very hard to do, but it is good in any way imaginable:
- For yourself it means a healthier life and less spending of money
- For the people around you it's heathier as well, and the smell of smoke, I've come to realize this after I quit, is really horrible.
- And, if enough people would stop smoking it would make the land used for growing tobacco available to other, more useful crops, or to reforestation. Of course you could think jobs would be lost due to this, and that's what the tobacco lobbies managed to convince the goverments of, but nearly everything in this specific industry, from the planting to the final product, is automated nowadays, so the people losing their jobs would really be insignificant if we look at the huge numbers of unemployed created by the financial crisis.

in July 2009

I quit 23 years ago when I arrived in New Zealand. I absolutely hate the cigarette smoke now. It's revolting.

in September 2009

Great Article. Appreciate your views
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