Switch from paper to continuous cloth towels for the office , 21°

Paper towels are more expensive and more harmful to the environment than cabinet towels (aka continuous towels or roller towels. Work places that are concerned about their environmental impact are switching in their droves to cabinet towels not only to reduce their carbon footprint but also operating costs as cabinet towels work out about 30% cheaper than paper. A single cabinet towel processed 75 times replaces about 30,000 single fold paper towels. Studies that have been done find cabinet towels are just as hygienic as paper and users prefer the feel of cloth over paper. Nationwide suppliers such as Apparelmaster provide cabinet towels for businesses. Just another small action that can help our environment.

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Cabinet Towels are more environment friendly than paper towels. Still there is a need to make findings of such studies public so that people can get awareness of benefits of cabinet towels. As paper towels are more used in commercial areas so a legislation in this regard will be more helpful. Thanks help with literature review

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We know that paper is made from pulp which comes from the trees. So each time when we use the paper, understand that trees are being destroyed. Apart from that using of cloth, towels instead of tissue papers in offices and hotels will do better.
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