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I suggest you all stock pile food, at least 3 months supply.
It saves money if nothing else ie the 100 KG of rice I bought last year cost me $200.00 to replace it now would cost $350.00, fortunately it is still available and I am still working, so for now I can keep my stocks up.
Below is a letter to the editor I wrote back in November 2006, I was laughed at then, now I think I would get abused for being so accurate .
Lets see what the next 2 years brings?

In Sympathy with the developers and fellow Kapiti residents I would like to register my feelings of sadness for the developers on the coast, at the prospect of most of them going bankrupt in the near future.
With global climate change and the worldwide economic collapse due to peaking in world energy supplies, most of the large projects that are on the books now will not be finished, and the investors will find themselves out of pocket.
For someone to propose a 10 million dollar airport building, when air travel is already feeling the pinch of escalating fuel costs, seems foolhardy at the very least. I think these people should stop watching the Disney channel, and maybe take a look at Al Gore’s movie ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, or ‘Peak Oil Imposed by Nature’.
My advice to anyone with investments in insurance companies and the share market is to get out fast. We are facing an economic collapse worse than the great depression, with a massive shortfall in employment, which will lead to a run on the banks. This will be like what happened in Argentina recently, where the banks were shown to be unable to give the depositors their money back. Your nest eggs will be crushed and you will be thrust into 3rd world living standards. The middle class (or the mortgage class) will be wiped out overnight; most pension funds will also disappear, destroying any future most of the retirees think they might have. Global depression will also bankrupt the government, who will be unable to pay for the social welfare commitments, such as pensions, unemployment benefits, child support, etc.
We will be left high and dry, or maybe low and wet with all that ice floating up the east coast at the moment.
Also the government will be hard pressed to maintain law and order. Even now the police are overstretched. What will society will look like with up to 80% unemployment, no dole or pensions and an extremely undermanned police force, is only left to the imagination or the place were nightmares come from. We will be left alone to arrange our own security. Imported drugs, such as insulin or Prozac, will cease to be available. (The Government and the Diabetic Society haven’t a clue how many months supply we have)
It is way past time for us to become educated about what is coming. Alas we are having too much fun to look at the brick wall we are fast approaching, so when we eventually hit we will be travelling flat out and the impact will blast us back to the Stone Age.
"If a path to the better there be, it begins with a full look at the worst" - Thomas Hardy 1887”.
Now were did I leave my club?

Robert Atack

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