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We all should use solar power as much as possible. Its free and help us to keep the environment clean. Low cost- saves Money :)

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Use of solar will help me a lot for saving money :)

in July 2009

It's really great to do it!! We have two solar panels to heat water and the heater has been off ever since we installed them...
I would also really like to install photovoltaic ones to produce electricity, but here in Italy, even though we are one of the EU states with more sunshine, the technology isn't yet affordable for small businesses or houses.Too bad, because in Germany I noticed them everywhere, and people told me they are really worth the initial money spent to buy them, especially if you have an electric grid system like some german communities have, where any surplus of created electricity is outputted into the grid and is made available to other housholds, and you even get money for that!! Hope they'll understand the importance of it and also the economic advantage it has everywhere soon.

in July 2009

Free tutorials-make electricity on a tight budget.

I have free video tutorials that show how easy it is to make electricity on a tight budget.

This is the best solar and wind energy web site tutorial that I have seen yet, and its all free information.

I have built 2 wind generators one was with a stair master motor and a treadmill motor. any DC motor will do. The videos show how easy it is for the poor.
This is the best solar and wind energy web site that I have seen yet, and its all free information. I will continue adding more content on the site.

Wesley Walker

in May 2012

Recycle is a free rechargeable battery and cell phone collection program funded by manufacturers in the industry. They offer 30,000 sites nationwide and can be contacted at 877-2-RECYCLE. Although it isn’t yet a federal law, some states including California an
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