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One Million Trees To Be Saved By

One Pound Buys One Pixel Which Saves One Tree is a fun and great value way to do your bit to offset your own personal carbon footprint and protect the planet by helping to save one million trees in the Ecuadorian rainforest.

One million pixels are up for sale for one pound each and for every pixel sold, will save a tree. You can link your pixels to any site you choose, including your Myspace, Facebook or website.

Its estimated that one tree recycles half a ton of carbon per year, and the average human being produces 6 tons of carbon per year. Therefore each person can offset their own carbon footprint in its entirety for the next 20 years, the future life-span of these trees, by saving just 12 trees.. all for the total one-off cost of just £12. is the brainchild of actor and writer Ewen MacIntosh, best known for playing Keith in hit comedy series The Office, and TV presenter and author Giles Vickers-Jones, who fronts ‘ITV At The Movies’ and has also presented for GMTV and T4.

Ewen says: “We are aiming to give people the opportunity to reduce their own carbon footprint at very low-cost and having a bit of fun with it at the same time. For every pixel we sell, we can save one tree.”

Giles added: “ is a really exciting way for everyone to get involved, together we really can make a difference. We want to save & protect one million trees and people can help the cause by offsetting their own carbon footprint” is working with the World Land Trust, whose Patron is Sir David Attenborough, to save trees in Ecuador where rainforests desperately need our help. Already, 80% of the country’s rainforests have vanished, but the land bought by will be protected indefinitely and managed by local organisations for the benefit of both wildlife and people. The project enables the local people to buy the land themselves to protect the rainforest from logging companies, something they cannot easily do without outside assistance.

Whilst we’re in an awful economic climate the urgency and need to maintain our planet’s natural resources is more important than ever before, things are getting worse each year and we need to act fast. has created this cost-effective way of tackling the problem so everyone can help. To offset your own personal carbon output is a great way to contribute, and all at a very low one-off cost. Together we can protect the future for generations to come.

For more information and to buy some pixels to link to a Myspace, Facebook or Website of your choosing, visit

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