Use emails more and Avoid printing emails, 223°

Use email:
Now internet awareness spread across globe use as much as emails as communication mode than any other. Particularly business if they start using email as media for communicating invoices, statements etc will save trees and slows down de-forestation.

Avoid printing email:
Unless it is occassionally stop printing emails as it would have more impact than print media considering huge email users - business, industry, people at large from forms and fields

Spread message:
Spread environmental conciousness among masses with a message "Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this email?" in your emails.

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Sometimes you print to keep a record of something important on the screen - like order confirmations. Printing to pdf is a good alternative, but for a while was complicated for me at least. Recently, I found a free app called "PDF reDirect v2" that makes it super easy. Highly recommend it.

in January 2010

Yeah it is one of the ways to save the earth. We can save lot of trees from cutting down. Because, the use of paper will be lesser! Some governments around world are already moving onto the electronic mails and sms(phone message). Thank you for your post!
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