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If you truly care about our collective futures, with regard to things like climate change, peak oil, or over population ... to name a few 'issues' ;).
You should listen to and maybe follow, the advise from Lord Oxburgh, if anyone should know the power of writing letters to politicians he should. More on BBC News http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/3815151.stm
Politicians don't act they react, they will react to a crises, such as oil not arriving in NZ, or the Beehive going under water ... you must agree it will be to late by then.
I've personally sent over 600 letters/DVDs to parliament over the past 8 years, so get going you have a lot of catching up to do.
It is free to send a standard letter, only costs you a little effort and an envelope ....... the children deserve this much at least ......
This explains the last letter I sent one of them http://oilcrash.com/articles/gerry_b.htm along with 3 DVDs, I sent a similar pack to Garth Morgan this morning.
The politicians hold the purse strings, our efforts are futile when 'they' chose to carry on a business as usual policy. They are focused on a 3 year term and daren't 'rock the boat' as we have all seen with the green party. 'we' need to focus on National for the next year or so, as they are the only ones pulling the strings, ... what they say goes.That's democracy )

Ernest Ronald Oxburgh, Baron Oxburgh, KBE, FRS (born 2 November 1934) is a geologist, a past Rector of Imperial College, and was non-executive chairman of Royal Dutch Shell PLC from 2004-5.

Education and career

Born in Liverpool, 2 November 1934, he attended Liverpool Institute High School from 1942 to 1950. Ron is a graduate of the University College, Oxford and Princeton University (PhD) where he worked for the famous geologist Harry Hammond Hess. He has taught geology and geophysics at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. At Cambridge he was head of the Department of Earth Sciences and President of Queens' College. He has been a visiting professor at Stanford, Caltech, and Cornell. From 1988 to 1993, Lord Oxburgh was chief scientific adviser to the Ministry of Defence, and rector of Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine from 1993-2000.

He was knighted (KBE) in 1992 and made a Life Peer (crossbench) as Baron Oxburgh, of Liverpool in the County of Merseyside in 1999, where he sits on the House of Lords select committee on science and technology.

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For the leaders of an industrial society to ensure that society enters the end of the age of oil (which peak oil portends) with no workable plan, thereby ensuring mass business failure, mass unemployment and potentially mass starvation, amounts to criminal negligence. For the leaders of a so-called democracy to continually mislead the general public about the devastating effects of climate change, and to continue to promote policies that make climate change worse is a crime against humanity. That is exactly what our political leaders have consistently done - ignored the warnings of numerous experts and put NZ on a path towards utter chaos.
On March 3 2008 I delivered 122 DVDs containing 16 You Tube clips and a 65 minute lecture by the late Dr Peter Lloyd called 'Peak Oil Meets Climate Change' Please go to my favorites to see the contents of this DVD or read some of the very few replies I received http://oilcrash.com/articles/you_tube...
This DVD records crucial information about the key issues of our times and was delivered to all MPs, so that they cannot pretend at some later stage that they had no warning of what is on its way or lacked the necessary information to deal with it.
You can see more of my 8 year campaign on www.oilcrash.com

in May 2009

I was passing Tawa college today so I went in and gave the office lady 3 DVDs with about 8 hours worth of docos, asking that they are given to a teacher or student 'group' who might be looking into climate change etc.
I've done the same around the Kapiti region, giving about 60 DVDs away to schools (10 each), credit to the Rudolf Steiner school who gave me $20.00, some office staff looked like I had just given them a dead fish, another school bought a teacher out of the smoko room to have a chat, and I had a 10 min chat with the principal of Otaki college and Palmerston North Boys High. I'm also on first name basis (if I could remember their names) with 2 primary school principals who take DVDs when I take them in.
This is a sub suggestion, if writing letters is to much, how about going out of your way and taking some information into schools?
Just a thought.

in May 2009


Model letter - Copy and paste all or parts to help teach your family, friends, and leaders about Peak Oil (view source)

Peak Oil, a plea to learn about it, teach, and press for responsible leadership

Post-peak oil production, or “Peak Oil” is possibly the most important issue of our time. The decline of oil production and the increase in demand is at or near a critical threshold. It will shake the foundations of human life on planet Earth.

There is no exaggerating that the lives of you, your children, and beyond are going to be drastically different than our lives today. Almost every current human endeavor from transportation, to manufacturing, to electricity, to plastics, and especially food and water production is inextricably intertwined with oil and natural gas supplies. There will be great hardships affecting every person on the planet. There is no easy way around this. The events coming our way are very big, and very scary.

You may not have heard about or considered peak oil before. Please, do this now. Peak oil is at the root of many of today’s major issues. Please do whatever you can, by any means, to learn, teach, and influence leaders about peak oil.

Spend just 30 minutes now doing some easy, online research and you will find out why peak oil is so alarming. It is important that you not just take my word for it. You need to discover this for yourself. The peak oil issue is deadly serious, but if we get started today, we might find a way to make the inevitable easier.

Here is a good summary web page: http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net
Or the New Zealand site www.olicrash.com

We have a great deal of hard work to do in order to cope with the end of cheap oil. To begin, it is essential that awareness reach a critical mass. Today, our most important duty is to learn, teach, and influence leaders.


in June 2009

That's very interesting Robert. I just recently decided to do something similar here in Bermuda. I've been trying to raise interest in a transition initiative and have been surprised and shocked to have otherwise educated and intelligent folk go blank and say "Peak Oil, what's that?"

I've recently put together a small collection of files, CD-Rom size, that explain peak oil, consumerism and Transition. I've started handing them out. I'm pleased to see that there is someone else who thinks this is a good idea. I'm inspired by your example and commitment.

in June 2009

This is an excellent action. I sign on average 1 online petition or send 1 email per week to my representatives already but cannot commit to doing so every week as I am often away from a computer and other modes of communication for many weeks at a time.

in June 2009

Hi Robb
Good on you for trying. I've kind of given up, even contemplating selling my DVD burning gear and stopping all my efforts, except maybe keeping oilcrash.com 'alive'. It has taken me over 14,000 DVDs to work out that people aren't interested, this is just human nature I'm afraid eg the last thought most car crash victims have is 'this isn't happening' or 'it will not happen to me'. Politicians love this and milk it for all it is worth hence the reason 'we' keep voting for them, with their false messages of 'hope' like Obama and his 'hope, change, we can do' bollocks, yet nothing changes for the better, well since 1972 ish anyway.
I'm afraid apathy rules ... even on sites like this, were you will have 40 od people willing to change the soap they use in the shower and 2 people willing to send letters to politicians, so we are now sitting down to a banquet of consequences, this peak oil induced economic crash is just the waiter pulling out the chair, and people will still not look and the menu.

in June 2009

Peak Oil - photo essay of futility

To show I did walk the talk.

in July 2009

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