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I had a vasectomy, before I had a child, this has saved 70 years worth of pollution from one person, if the kid was lucky enough to survive. Once peak energy kicks in the planet will only be able to support 1-3 billion people, we need to reduce the population fast, not adding to the problem is a good humane start. All other options are ghastly to say the least.

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It's best to get snipped before impregnating someone, but any fertile, sexually-active, heterosexual male who cares about his partner, the unconceived, and the climate should give this simple procedure some serious thought.

in May 2009

Over population is not a problem per se, over consumption is the problem.

You don't need much to support a person's needs. We currently have far too much food: there are more obese people than starving people. You don't need a 2000sq ft house etc.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the food supply chain. We over produce food by many times more than our need, but agribusiness needs to keep increasing production to make profits and the only way they can increase production is to get people to increase consumption.

So how do you increase consumption:
* Eat more meat. 15 or more food units of input foods are required to raise 1 food unit of meat. Therefore eating 1 pound more meat is the same as eating 15 pounds more food.
* Lobby the government to focus on corn-based ethanol to drive up corn consumption.

If people halved their meat consumption then the current food supply could easily feed two or three times the current population. Or, alternatively the same number of people could live on less than half the current agricultural footprint.

in May 2009