planting trees for my kids ( mostly Oak,hickory,and walnut), 31°

I've been planting these trees everywhere I go for years, which is saying something, since I travel a fair amount.It started as a fun thing where we hiked 'cause I like deer and squirrels then I really stepped it up these last few years as an easy and eco freindly way to say 'I care'.

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We have planted trees on anniversaries and birthdays. Better than going out for a wasteful dinner or pointless gift.

It is great to look at a tree and think that you planted it on on a child's birthday or other occasion and can see how both the tree and the child or relationship have grown too.

in April 2009

Well it's autumn here and what a great surprise to find that one of the trees in our garden is a walnut! It is it's first fruiting year and the tree has given approx 3 kg of nuts. I scavenged an equal amount from the tree in a local park.

I recently planted three other walnuts: one grafted tree (supposedly higher yield and faster fruiting) and two seedling threes. It looks like the grafted tree has died, but the two seedling trees have survived. So, anecdotally anyway, the seedling trees are both tougher and cheaper!

Google found quite a few references to growing walnuts from seed (ie. the nuts) so intend to plant about 20 or so. Local nuts should make seedlings that are better adapted to local conditions (well that's the theory anyway). Maybe the won't bear as much as grafted trees but I'll make up for that with quantity :-). In ten years we should be completely awash in walnuts.

in May 2009

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